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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Beginning

The beginning actually began about four years ago when my school began distributing tablet PCs to freshman. Four years later we now have complete 1-to-1 computing. I started this blog to document my learning process over the last four years and to solicit feedback from any and all who care about 1-to-1 computing. I must say that it has its trials but there is no way I would go back to just books, paper, and pen. Trust me, there are plenty of naysayers but for those of us that have completely embraced this new way of educating, the evidence is clear. Our students learn in a far more entertaining and engaging way than the students that I taught 5 years ago B.T. (Before Tablet). I plan on laying all bare (or most bare) here for others who are considering such a drastic change in their schools. I can say with confidence, the change will be well worth the pain and suffering.

So, please enjoy and contribute!

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